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I am a mexican Industrial Designer. I'm 29 years old. I am married and have a daughter. My wife is a Industrial Designer too, so we are a really creative family. 

my path

I started learning about Art Toys and sculpting in 2013, I enrolled in a class an started exploring and creating. I was very excited about this new world. In 2017 I started creating customs using Funko Pop.

Shows / Exhibitions

Hi! Ruffelz 1& 2

ToyCon Uk &Five Points Festival

Me lleva la huesuda 3 & 5

Museo de la evolución & Museo regional de Puebla

Minino Fest 2017 & 2018

El Triangulo

Vinyl Azteca

Clutter Gallery

Exhibición I love Fonzo 1.0

Rojo Bermelo

Little Dudes Mission 2


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